TRADES and LABOUR jobs in construction

PCR has long been established as a market leader in placing people in the blue collar sector of the construction industry. We are the preferred trades & labour supplier for many of the most visible construction companies in the UK today.

If you are looking for work, we can offer you  a great range of jobs that require trades & labour skills and experience.  We have also simplified the whole recruitment process which makes it easier and quicker for you to find your next job too.


Are you a Contractor?

If you’re working for PCR  in a contract role – there’s some information you’ll need to provide so make sure you read our checklist, so there is no delay in you starting your next job. This is to ensure we can get you fully registered and  also that we have all the correct information we need to make sure you are paid on time!

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Do you need trades & labour staff?

By listening our client's feedback we have a highly developed understanding of the needs and pressures that present themselves within the construction industry. To ensure we can respond quickly to the needs of the market we have simplified the whole recruitment process for both our clients and candidates  In addition, we offer a 24/7 service  to ensure that we are always ready to support your recruitment needs.

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