Our contractor checklist

To work with us as a contractor we will need you to supply some information before you can start work. You also have a choice as to how you wish to be paid and you will need to provide additional information for this too.

This is what we need you to do.

1. Click here to register all your details - this means you are ready for contract work as soon as it becomes available and there is no delay in your start date.

2. Make a choice of which partnered payroll provider you would like to process your pay.

3. Please make sure before you start any contract role that you have your own PPE (protective boots, hard hat, high vis clothing). 

Make sure we can pay you!

When you work with us as a contractor you will be paid via one of our partnered payroll providers.  

Using a partnered payroll provider

In terms of your pay, we work with two payroll companies, Omnia Outsourcing and The Guild.  Once you have chosen which one of these two companies to use we will ask your permission to pass your name and telephone number to them. They will then contact you to get all the necessary information to ensure you get paid on time. 



We can help

We can ensure you have the best possible chance of getting the contract job you want! Read our candidate advice, which covers everything from CV writing to interview techniques – and even how to make the best impression when you start your new job.    

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Looking for your next opportunity?

Whether you are looking for contract work or longer term career opportunities, the PCR Team have great connections with a wide range of companies within the construction industry. We can offer you opportunities across all skills and experience levels and new jobs are added to our website on a daily basis.  

Find your next job 

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