A positive job search, first time, every time

Whether you are looking for short term work or longer term career opportunities, the PCR Team has great connections in the construction industry. We have jobs in commercial contracting, housing development, high-end residential, fit-out & refurbishment and civil engineering.

By choosing PCR to help you find your next construction job, not only will you benefit from our unrivalled range of opportunities with a great range of construction related companies, you will also receive tailored advice from our team on how best to manage your job search. 


We can help

We can ensure you have the best possible chance of getting the job you want! Read our candidate advice, which covers everything from CV writing to interview techniques – and even how to make the best impression when you start your new job.    

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Are you a Contractor?

If you’re working for PCR  in a contract role – there’s some details you’ll need to provide so make sure you read our checklist, so there is no delay in you starting your next job. This is to ensure we can get you fully registered and  also that we have all the correct information we need to make sure you are paid on time!

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