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Here at professional Construction Recruitment we try to be as active in the local community as possible. When we heard about this amazing young man we asked if we could help in any way.

A week or so ago Ben’s Mum put up a post on Facebook


We were soooooo kindly donated an awesome treadmill for Ben but sadly the belt has folded & has a slight tear in it so it needs replacing BUT it’ll cost over £200 when we can get another one for cheaper 2nd hand. So, does anyone know anyone who.....

Can replace the belt for cheaper? Or

Take this one away for us? Or

Has one for sale for us to buy?”

We contacted Ben’s mum and were pleased to be able help, yesterday Ben’s fundraising page was able to put up this post;

We’re up and running again!!! I was only asking if someone knew a company to replace the belt on our broken treadmill but a lovely guy sent us a message & organised the company he works for to BUY BEN A NEW ONE!

We’re so grateful Professional Construction Recruitment Ltd for your generosity!!

This will keep Ben working on his feet! Weight bearing & improving his steps!!

Thank you

***just been informed this happened on “World Kindness Day!” What a wonderful coincidence!!!***

We were more than happy to offer some help, it is a small thing that we could do that will hopefully have a big impact on Ben’s ongoing therapy.

Ben’s mum wrote this;

“I'm fundraising for my son, Ben. He is 11 years old and due to complications during my pregnancy Ben has cerebral palsy.  This condition causes tightness and spasticity in both arms and legs. Sitting unaided is difficult, commando crawling and rolling is his main way of getting around unassisted & walking is something Ben would just love to be able to do unaided, but can't.  He needs physio daily, to be put in equipment such as wheelchairs & standing frames to avoid him developing deformities as he's growing & needs help with feeding, drinking, personal care & all other daily tasks we all take for granted.

Ben has had intensive physiotherapy courses at a centre in Oxford in the past. He has therapy 3 hours a day, for 8 days, with highly trained therapists using equipment they don't have anywhere else in England. We aim to take Ben there 3 times a year but at £1,320 a session it means we need to fundraise to continue to take him. We go on average 3-4 times a year. Ben's also started seeing a personal trainer to increase his strength. He's improved massively from this & really enjoys it! We try and do an intense session with him 1-2 times a year. He also has 2 sessions weekly with a private therapist at school for £60 per hour.

Without ongoing treatment like this Ben will fall behind. But again, this therapy doesn't come cheap.

Since starting this extra work with Ben he has rocketed with improvement. His strength has improved and he is more stable and aware. His sitting has become more stable, hands more open, finger feeding better and drinking through a straw and from a cup-this is something he couldn't do pre-op. He can stand and walk so much stronger, although still with assistance. His biggest improvement is communication & transitions between positions. Pre-op Ben could say 4 words in a row, now we’re having conversations with him & others understand more all the time! That alone is priceless!

Ben is such a determined, fun and happy boy but his physical restrictions are extremely frustrating for him. His mind is so willing but his body just won’t let him do what he wants to. We would like to do everything we can to help him overcome these challenges and live his life as full and as pain free as possible!”

If you would like to help support Ben in his ongoing therapy and treatments, please head over to Ben’s Fundraising page

If you can offer any help at all, you will be supporting an incredible young man and his amazing family. Even the smallest donation to his therapy fund will make a huge difference.

Thank you.