is a speciaist recruitment consultancy worth the investment?

by David Thomas client, clients


Recruiting for specialist construction skills can be a challenge – with the current talent shortages within the industry, there will only ever be a small group of qualified people looking at any time so how do you find them?

While there is a shortage of talent for some construction related disciplines, just because an individual is not actively looking for work, there are many ‘passive’ job seekers who will be open to hearing about new opportunities when approached. Working with a recruitment company that specialises in recruiting the skills you need with established networks of these passive candidates will ensure that your vacancies can get promoted to these individuals.

Added benefits of working with a specialist construction industry recruiter are:

  • They know the market, the latest trends and developments and how these can positively or negatively impact on sourcing the skills you need to hire.

  • They have existing relationships with many of the industry job boards and other online forums, which means you can take advantage of their sector specific advertising streams to source the best candidates.

  • Good recruiters stay in contact with people within the industry throughout their careers. Candidates become clients and vice versa too. Developing these industry networks means access to the widest choice of talent when you are looking for hard-to-find skills.

Working with a specialist construction recruitment consultancy will save you time and money, so will end up being more cost effective in the long term and will likely yield positive results more quickly than if you go it alone.

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