the six best ways to approach your next job search

by David Thomas candidate, advice, candidate advice...


The construction industry has kicked up a gear or two in recruiting to maximise on the ‘better weather’ months in the UK. This means that the amount of jobs on the market has increased, so anyone looking for a new job in construction should be ready now so they are ahead of the game when it comes to applying for jobs.

Run through our tips to make sure you’re in top job-searching shape!

1.Make sure you know what you want

Decide why you want to move on from your current job as that give you some focus as to what you look for in your next one. If you’re just not happy, the very worst thing you can do is jump ship and then land in an identical situation with a new company! Similarly, if you love your current job but want to advance your career, look for a company with similar values to where you work now that can offer you more responsibility.

2.Be prepared to be flexible

Your dream job isn’t always going to be on the market: so be realistic about that fact and your job search will be far more successful. There will often be times where contract or temporary roles will be more beneficial to your career then permanent employment and that is absolutely fine. These opportunities can offer you an introduction into specific companies and give you the chance to increase your skills too.

3.Are your skills all up to date?

It is far easier to take advantage of professional development before you move jobs.  If you think you’re ready or soon will be ready to move on, take a good look at all your skills and qualifications.

Make sure they are up to date to increase your chances in a competitive market.

4.Make sure your CV & social media profiles are up to date

These are going to serve as the first impression of potential employers, so make sure they are up to scratch!

5.Know your own worth

Just as there isn’t much point in applying for jobs you’re under qualified for, there is no point in going after jobs you are over qualified for either. Do some market research to see what someone with your skills should be earning and at what level of responsibility. 

6.Don’t be afraid to work with a recruiter

Unfortunately, and often unfairly, the recruitment industry still gets a bad press from many. However, working in partnership with a recruiter who specialises in the construction industry and offers a candidate led service, means you can gain access to their industry knowledge and their contacts too.  At PCR we can guide you in the right direction, find you a job in construction that you’re really happy with and make the job search process an easier experience all round!

Good luck with your job search and please feel free to contact us to find out more about our latest jobs in construction and how we can find the best one for you!